Double Match Game

Double Match is best card game ever and now include Multiplayer Online for free. Download it NOW and beat you friends ONLINE. Double Match is 55 different cards and each two cards have only one same symbol! And you have to match this symbol. Is available on the App Store and Google play. Don't miss it and get it NOW for free!

Double Match Single Player

Double Match Single Player is mode where is your mission get as much points as possible. Your enemy is time which is every level faster and faster. At the end is your score saved and you can compare your result with the rest of the world.

Double Match Multiplayer Offline

Double Match Multiplayer Offline is mode where you can play against your friend on one device. Each player has half of the device and winner will be the faster one who will get preset points first!

Double Match Multiplayer Online

Double Match Multiplayer Offline is mode where you can beat your friends over the world. You can easily invite new adversaries and you can also easily check your score balance with another players.

Download Double Match Game for iOS or Android
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